We plan and deliver a wide range of STEM themed workshops to schools right across the North East of England, developing smart skills in pupils of all ages.
We are able to present to a full year group (possibly split into 2 sessions), specific classes or a selected group of students, covering relevant and inspiring content.  We offer a bespoke service so we can adapt our workshops to suit your needs.


Half day workshop  –  £150
1 day workshop – £295 – this can be taken as 2 half days
2 day workshop – £500 (Only £250 per day – Save £90) – This can be taken as 4 half days
3 days workshop – £750 (Only £250 per day – Save £135) – This can be taken as 6 half days
4 day workshop – £1000 (Only £250 per day – Save £180) – This can be taken as 8 half days

National curriculum based workshops

We can develop topic specific workshops which are mapped to the current national curriculum.
These can cover whichever content you require, e.g.
  • Physics (energy, forces, mechanics etc)
  • Chemistry (chemical reactions, materials etc)
  • Biology (human body, photosynthesis etc)
We can also plan and develop bespoke workshops, which are written and delivered on whatever you would like.
The workshops will be interactive, fun and involve group work, watching demonstrations and doing practical work.
How science works (experimental skills) workshops are available, where pupils learn how to carry out a whole science investigation from start to finish and learn how to write this up scientifically.
There will be full day or half day workshops available.

Enrichment, aspirational and fun workshops

We run a number of workshops that are not necessarily mapped out to the national curriculum but are designed to primarily engage pupils, encourage the love of the subject, enrich the curriculum and make pupils really want to do more within the STEM subject field.
These workshops will involve demonstrations of experiments as well as pupil participation where they have fun, conducting their own engaging experiments.
The workshops are designed to get pupils thinking, and before they know it, they are discovering why things are happening and how!  We find that the children are learning without even knowing it, as they are having so much fun. 
Examples of the type of activities we could do are:
  • Circuit building
  • Renewable energies
  • Short, snappy experiments
  • Discovering light and sound
  • Forces and magnets
  • Simple chemical reactions
  • Senses
  • The Heart
  • Inventions
There will also be a “how science works” workshop where scientific skills are developed and pupils will learn how to write up scientific experiments using the correct terminology.
Again we can bespoke a package for you so if you tell us the topic we will develop and deliver the workshop.
These workshops will also be offered as a half day or full day.

Specialist Green Energy Workshops

These workshops are unique to Green Shift Educational Services Limited. These will be smart workshops exploring the new clean technologies of the future. We will engage in and explore the renewable energies and the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier.
There are 4 different workshops available and each of these is designed to run for a full day.
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind
  • Hydrogen
  • Renewable Technologies
These workshops will be competitive, challenging and stimulating and will develop team building skills in all learners.
These workshops will also be offered as a half day  or full day option.

Summer Schools

There will be the opportunity during the 6 week summer holiday break, for establishments to book us in to run summer schools, transition days or activity days where work-shops and activities will be run. 
This will take place on the school/academy’s own site.
If you were to book us in for a full week of activities a 20% discount would be given.