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Headteacher’s testimonialSt Aloysius Schools have been working with Green Shift Educational Services Limited throughout this year. The quality of their science sessions is first rate. They are very well organised, progressive and aspirational. The children under their care thrive as a result of first rate subject knowledge and exciting activities. I recommend Green Shift Educational Services Limited to you without hesitation” – Nick Conway (headteacher) – St Aloysius RC Federation, Hebburn, South Tyneside

Parents – current 5* rating

Thank you both so much for Oliver’s birthday party. All the kids had a great time, they loved making the volcanoes. I hope Green Shift goes from strength to strength” – Joanne Welsh (South Shields)

My grandson Callum absolutely loved his science birthday party, as did my grand-daughters who also attended this. It was fun, educational and the children were thoroughly entertained throughout! The hosts were very knowledgeable and were great with the children!  I would definitely recommend using these for a child’s science party” – Mary Turnbull (Hebburn)

My daughter Megan recently attended the after school science club, she was always so excited when she came out, telling me the things she had been doing each time. She also enjoyed taking part in the Rocket Seeds Experiment as they had been on the ISS. Her interest in these subjects has greatly increased and she is already asking when there will be more courses at her school. I would thoroughly recommend this company to any parent as my daughter has got so much out of attending the club” – Mark McCormack (Hebburn)

A great service; with exceptional science and maths tutoring. My child Robyn has come on leaps and bounds since she started learning with Green Shift Educational Services Limited” – Maria Wileman (Hebburn)

My two boys attended a party recently and I was very impressed at how well all the children behaved, it was evident that the children were paying full attention to partaking in the experiments and were gaining a lot from it.  My 8 year old James now attends the after school club and came home very enthusiastic about science, creating a positive environment for future learning and fun!”Leighann Spink (Hebburn)

We had a fabulous time yesterday at a party; excellent idea for kids’ parties -so entertaining and the experiments were so interesting and educational for the kids.  The hosts are very good with children, loved them and will definitely be using them for a party” – Deborah Lloyd (South Shields)



Very good communication with regard to organising the sessions.  Arrived on time and with the relevant resources needed for each session.  Each session was busy with good use of time. They were pleasant to work alongside and they ensured everything was left tidy.  Very good, a wide range of topics covered.  Lots of hands on experiences which the children really enjoyed. Very professional, quickly developed a positive relationship with the children. The children were always engaged, informed and challenged” – Saturday morning workshops – Atkinson Road Primary School (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Excellent, excellent, excellent – would recommend to another school”full day workshops and after school science club – Blackfell Primary School – (Washington – Sunderland)

“Very professional, well organised, good class control, nice manner with the children and organised to fit in with our requirements.  We plan to use them again with our other year groups. The staff were clearly scientists who were able to answer the questions posed by the children which staff sometimes find hard to do” – full day workshops and after school science clubs – East Boldon School (South Tyneside)

Liaison was excellent. There was a lot of too-ing and fro-ing about numbers and times and you were always polite, understanding and provided rapid responses.  The activities that I saw were engaging and stimulating – with just the right amount of scientific background knowledge provided to inform and not confuse the children. Staff responded appropriately to children’s queries in a friendly and professional way.  Staff always cleared up thoroughly after sessions” – after school clubs – South Gosforth First School (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Excellent in all areas – would recommend them to other schools.  We have booked them one night per week for science club for the whole of the next academic year– Half day workshops and after school science clubs – St Aloysius RC Federation (Hebburn, South Tyneside)

Excellent – would definitely recommend to other schools and will definitely be using them again” – half day workshops – Riverside Primary School (Gateshead)

So many positive comments as the children got so much out of the sessions.  We were very impressed with the enthusiasm of the delivery of the sessions and the children really picked up on this too.  We are definitely interested in using them again” – half day workshops – Coquet Park Primary School – Whitley Bay (North Tyneside)



Atkinson Road Primary children:

“I am more confident about experimenting and I would come back again as it is fun!”

“I enjoyed all of the experiments and even tried some at home”

“It was fabulous, I would come back”

“I feel happy about science club, I would come back as it is exciting and I have nothing more to say as I am speechless!”

“The best thing is learning new things and working in a team”


Blackfell Primary children:

“I would come back to science club as its fun.  Angela and James are epic.  My favourite things were making parachutes and making slime”

“I like science and I like to learn so I would come back.  Angela and James are very kind and teach us very well”

“It is good, fun and you learn a lot. James and Angela are nice, good and helpful”

“I enjoyed all of the experiments that we did, I would come again as I love science and the staff are fun and really keen to teach us”

“Angela and James are really cool – they are epic”


East Boldon Primary children:

“I enjoyed science club a lot.  I enjoyed making a windmill – it felt like magic.  I like the staff as they show me lots of science things”

“I loved science club especially the balloon rockets.  I would come back again as it is AMAZING”

“I enjoyed science club.  I enjoyed every experiment we did.  I would come back as I love science and I loved Angela and James”

“I enjoyed science club as we do different things every week.  It was good fun and we learnt a lot of things.  The staff were very nice and they explained everything really nice and clear”

“I enjoyed science club especially making slime.  I will come back again as it is fun and Angela and James are GREAT”


South Gosforth First School children:

“I loved science club especially canister rockets.  I would come back again as it is great fun”

“I would come back again as science club is really good.  James and Angela are really good at science”

“I would come back again as it was really fun and enjoyable and Angela and James are the best science teachers ever”

“The staff are extremely awesome and made me learn so much”

“I would like to come back to learn more new things.  James and Angela are very kind”


St Aloysius Federation Primary children:

“Angela and James were wonderful – they helped me which was brilliant.  I loved everything we did and can’t think of anything else to try as I loved this so much”

“I loved science club as it was so entertaining and we learnt so much.  The staff were supercalafragilisticexpealodious”

“Angela and James are helpful, kind, knowledgeable, caring, fun, always prepared and cool!”

“I would come back again as I love science.  My favourite experiment was the glowing water one. Angela and James are really good at teaching us about science”

“I enjoyed using chemicals and also making the slime.  James and Angela  did a good job!”

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