Case Studies

Health Hearts Workshop

This session is aimed at Upper Key Stage 2 (year 5 or 6). It is a full day session split into
2 half days (approximately 4 hours). It can be carried out in a classroom setting.
The first half session is focused on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices, giving context
through looking at the “Eat well plate” guide from a scientific perspective e.g. what do
proteins do in your body? We show students how to make healthy choices by
introducing traffic light labelling on food packaging. The children then, through hands on
activities, look at their diet and make healthy smoothies.
The second half session is centred around the science of the heart. This includes
students gaining hands-on experience investigating the structures of the heart and
discussing how their lifestyle choices can affect the heart. Pupils have the opportunity to
handle lambs hearts and explore inside them.
These sessions are very informative and we engage in lots of conversation with the
students. The work sheets in the sessions are designed to equip the students to use the
information to help them to make informed lifestyle choices.
We were able to provide these initial heart workshop sessions through Healthy Hearts
UK funding by working in collaboration with a community interest company. This
allowed us to deliver the sessions to 24 different primary schools in South Tyneside
during 2016-2017.
Due to the huge success of these sessions, we now have schools paying us to deliver
these sessions (although at a reduced rate) and we believe some of the schools will be
using us on an annual basis to repeat the session.

After School Science CLub

We aim to ignite a lifelong love of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)
through hands on engaging and enriching activities.
These are currently aimed at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (Primary school) and these
sessions can be mixed age and mixed ability groupings.
This can be based in any room or in the school hall and we usually run these as a half
term (6 week) block. We are currently booked up a year in advance for these sessions,
as they are very popular. We are hoping to be able to deliver more of these sessions in
various locations simultaneously across the north east as we employ more staff.
Afterschool clubs are 1 hour fun, engaging, hands on sessions where pupils take part in
activities such as making lava lamps, making volcanoes, setting off canister and balloon
rockets. We also run investigations such as how eggs are affected when they have been
stored in different solutions for a week. The science behind each activity is explored
whilst hands on learning is taking place. Children sometimes have something to take
home with them such as hand held wind turbines or bath bombs, which they can show
and discuss with their wider friends and family.

Catch 22 – National Citizen Service

During the summer (July & August) of 2017, we worked with 1200 school leavers (aged
16/17 years old). We planned and delivered sessions at Northumbria University and
Castlegate (in Newcastle upon Tyne). We were contracted in through CATCH 22 and the
National Citizen Service to deliver these sessions.
We decided to try and engage and inspire these school leavers into STEM subjects. We
wrote and delivered a workshop based all around the theme of Forensic Science.
The session consisted of a crime and the pupils had to carry out 4 different experiments,
collate all of the results, use the information we supplied and then try and identify the
guilty culprit from 4 suspects.
The pupils actively took part in this, both in the discussion and the investigation. We
obtained amazing feedback and have been asked to deliver sessions with CATCH 22 and
the National Citizen Service with school leavers again during summer 2018.
Amazingly enough, the students did not relate this to actual science so we had to make
this explicit to them. Even those students, who said they “hated” science, said they
thoroughly enjoyed doing this. It gave them context and made science relevant to them.

STEM Shows/Asemblies

We have performed science shows in a number of schools throughout the north east and
at community venues, such as the Discovery Museum in Newcastle upon Tyne.
These can accommodate large groups and are designed to ‘WOW’, engage and foster an
interest in the STEM subjects. Within the 45-90 minutes duration, we aim to show the
exciting side of science with short experiments performed with the help of selected
audience members. We perform demonstrations such as elephants toothpaste, using
dry ice, disappearing polystyrene, glowing water etc…. We then aim to give scientific
explanations linked to each demonstration and we also like to provide relevance and
context so we link up to potential future careers.

Year 6/7 Transition Week

During the summer of 2017, we delivered a week of science at St Joseph’s RC Academy
in Hebburn, South Tyneside.
Pupils were able to attend for one day for £20 or for 4 full days for £75.
During this week, our aim was to engage and inspire these transition students into the
world of the STEM subjects.
Each day was planned so the morning consisted of investigations – with lots of
interaction, discussion, fun and discussion. This included investigations like “Do sun
creams really work?”, “Which of these drinks would be the best to give to a diabetes
sufferer who is having a hypoglycaemic attack?”, “Which habitat does the woodlouse
prefer?” etc….. The afternoons were spent doing science club activities such as making
slime, making soap, volcanoes and dry ice.
The children that took part in this loved it and those children that hadn’t signed up for
all 4 days, ended up booking in for extra days.
We are hoping this becomes more and more popular so that the numbers increase and
so we can offer this at other venues throughout the north east during summer break.
We are happy for children from anywhere in the north east to attend the sessions.
We are also happy to attend secondary schools transition days and take part in these. In
order for us to promote our summer transition week we visited all of the South Tyneside
feeder schools for St Joseph’s. We also attended their transition days and worked in the
careers sections of their transition week. Obviously, we want to extend this beyond St
Joseph’s RC Academy and their feeder schools and make this available to everyone.

Bespoke STEM Workshops

We can provide bespoke outreach workshops to schools, hospitals, community groups etc…
We bring all of the equipment and two members of DBS checked staff to deliver our planned and prepared workshop sessions. Sessions are adaptable to fit around the schools needs with sessions ranging from 1 hour to full day sessions. All sessions can be either designed to fit or support the curriculum, can be skill based or can be pure engagement and enrichment based.
We can cover PPA/absence and we do not need to have a member of staff present with us – this is entirely up to the school. We can deliver curriculum based science during these sessions.
All sessions have both an interactive taught (theory) aspect then the students use this knowledge gained to carry out an investigation.
Examples of some of our sessions are:
  • Healthy hearts (see above)
  • Diabetes – students will carry out a practical experiment with a write up; having
    to take into account correct practical procedures at the end concluding which
    would be the best drink to give a diabetic having a hypoglycaemic attack.
  • Electricity – each student will have the opportunity to use electrical circuit
    equipment to build and investigate different components, types of circuits,
    insulators and conductors etc…